For a seamless, yet robust experience.

blendOS allows you to have an immutable, atomic and declarative Arch Linux system, with application support from several Linux distributions & Android.

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blendOSv3 (July 2023)

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Efficient, yet elegant.

All you need in a powerful, minimal system.

blendOS keeps everything simple, delivering on application and game compatibility from various sources while offering a lightweight atomic & declarative Arch system. Just double-click an APK, DEB or RPM to install it.

Application support
blendOS offers support for applications and binaries from several distributions and Android, without the fear of breaking your system through the use of podman containers.
blendOS v4 is fully declarative, allowing you to use custom packages, kernels, drivers and desktop environments on a minimal, atomic Arch Linux base system.
Atomic updates
Unlike most other operating systems, blendOS ensures your system does not end up in a half-broken state by replacing your old root filesystem with a new one cleanly.
Thanks to its immutable nature, blendOS prevents you from wrecking your system by deleting all of your system directories, or worse, with a simple recursive remove operation.

Frequently asked questions

Which distribution is blendOS based on?

blendOS uses Arch Linux for its base system.

Can packages from distributions clash?

No, containers prevent them from conflicting with one another.

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