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What desktops are officially supported?#

You can make your own tracks to support whatever desktop or WM you want, this is just what we offer by default.

Why can't I use another init system?#

blendOS relies heavily on systemd-nspawn for containers, which is like chroot but on steroids. It is included with the systemd package on Arch.

Why are my alises not showing up on fish?#

blendOS has a file in /etc/profile.d that tells POSIX-compliant shells (i.e. bash, zsh) where to find your container binaries. These shells source it by default and understand the format. Fish is not POSIX-compliant. All you have to do is add the following to your ~/.config/fish/

if status is-login
    exec bash -c "test -e /etc/profile.d/ && source /etc/profile.d/;\
    exec fish"

What should go on the host?#

Things like:

  • Drivers
  • Game Launchers (as a flatpak or a host package)
  • Terminal emulators
  • Web Browsers
  • File managers
  • Desktops/WMs
  • Podman containers
  • Anything that doesn't work in containers or as a flatpak