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Making this website


The website you are looking at right now is an amalgamation of time and effort over multiple iterations and docs frameworks. I intend to explore the history and timeline of this website, because it's actually rather interesting.

blendOS v4 released: Arch Linux, made immutable, declarative and atomic


Download it here:

We're thrilled to unveil blendOS v4, a groundbreaking release that redefines blendOS as a highly-flexible, immutable and atomic variant of Arch Linux. blendOS retains the flexibility of traditional Linux distributions (unlike other immutable Linux distributions) thanks to its declarative nature. Of course, we continue to support packages from Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and other distributions, alongside Android application support. You can also use any desktop environment available in the Arch Linux repositories or AUR, or any of the offered pre-configured desktop environments (including KDE Plasma, MATE, XFCE and Budgie) through the tracks features implemented on blendOS v4 (more on that later).