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    A CLI container management utility.

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What is blend-inst?

user is a part of blend in Python. It allows for container management through the command-line, a use-case that had not been considered prior to v3.

CLI usage#

Create a container#

user create-container <CONTAINERNAME> <CONTAINERTYPE>
Creates a container of the selected container type.

Remove a container#

user remove-container <CONTAINERNAME>
Removes a container.

Entering a container#

user enter <CONTAINERNAME>
Spawns a shell in the container.

Create an association#

Creates an association so that commonly-used binaries can be called without a suffix.

Delete an association#

user dissociate <BINARYNAME>
Deletes an existing association.

Install a package#

user install <CONTAINERNAME> <PKG1> [PKG2 PKG3 PKGs...]
Installs (a) package(s) to the selected container.

Remove a package#

user remove <CONTAINERNAME> <PKG1> [PKG1 PKG2 PKGs...]

Removes (a) package(s) from the selected container.